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Every family possesses their own personality and lifestyle. As a result the homes served by American Butlers vary greatly in complexity and formality. The chosen lifestyles of the family dictate the pace of the home including the frequency of guests and entertainment functions.
A successful American Butlers handles the ebb and flow to meet the needs of the family they serve. Whether planning a reception for fifty dignitaries or a tea party for several six year olds, the American Butler can handle most any task with skill and poise.

  • Who We Are
    An American Butler may have begun their career in a completely different discipline and migrated to Private Service over time. Our complement of Staff Butlers includes a private banker, an accountant, several hotel managers, several chefs, an executive assistant, and a former entrepreneur. Some possess Butler or Estate Manager Certifications from exclusive butler schools around the globe while others possess a combination of Butler training and college degrees. No matter their past, our American Butlers have chosen Private Service as their future. It is a career of choice rather than a career of happenstance.

  • Our Clients
    Surprisingly, many of our clients are not considered high net-worth individuals. We have many families with two busy professionals who simply need help at home. Perhaps they began with a part-time Butler for one or two days per week, but soon learned that with a Butler to take care of the little things at home meant they had more time to enjoy leisure activities. From shopping for food or supplies to planning dinner parties and receptions, an American Butler’s life is devoted to making life better for the family they serve.

    Services We Offer:

  • Placements
    We strive to maintain fairness to both sides of the placement process and endeavor to find the perfect blend of personality and talent for the client, and challenge and reward for the candidate for any position we place. These positions include household staff such as domestic estate managers, butlers, household managers, personal assistants, executive housekeepers, management couples, private chefs, executive protection specialists, nanny managers, property caretakers, lifestyle assistants and more.

  • Training
    The American Butler School offers comprehensive butler training programs for residential, resort, restaurant and private service professionals. Our training was created to meet the needs of clients of wish to upgrade the skills of their service professionals. We also provide training to our on-staff Butlers and Under-Butlers we offer on both a full time and part time basis.

  • American Butler School
    Our programs are designed to both educate and entertain. We know that learning is best achieved when both the student and the instructor are relaxed and at ease. We combine interactive theory delivered with anecdotes, case studies, hands-on practical exercises and student-role-playing using real examples from our instructors’ prior experiences.

    Held at the White Glove Services offices in Winter Garden, Florida, the 1929 Greek revival home, with its brick façade and towering 2-story white columns, provides the perfect backdrop for classes in elegant living. .With over 6,000 square feet of space available, our training facilities include a private 3rd floor Training Suite, a main-floor Executive Conference Room, and a main floor Training Workshop.

  • Resorts & Restaurants
    We also offer classes for Resorts, Restaurants and Private Homes within their facilities as needed. Our Butlers have mastered the fine art of exquisite, yet efficient, table service. Let us design a Private Service Training program for your front of the house staff.

  • Our Instructors
    Seasoned professionals in many fields, Estate Managers, Personal Chefs, Senior Butlers, Florists and even Financial Accountants who have been trained in private service, have been selected to serve as instructors for specific classes based on the depth and breadth of their experience. Many have been certified by prestigious schools around the world in private service protocols with most holding college degrees, some with advanced degrees, in their particular subject matter.  A comprehensive resume is available for each trainer upon request, and provided at the beginning of each class.

  • Seminars and Classes
    Formerly provided as training to our staff of butlers and estate management professionals only, the American Butler School now offers half-day, full day, and weekly classes for students, homemakers, executives and corporate or social groups. We’re not just for Butlers anymore…

We would ge delighted to discuss any of our services with you or to create a unique class to you’re your training needs. Please feel free to Contact Us.


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