American Butler School

We are more than knowledgeable in our fields…we are experts. Such that some of America’s most elite hotels call upon the American Butler School for assistance, advice and training. For example:

  • When the Waldorf Astoria (Orlando) decided to launch a VIP butler program…they engaged the American Butler School to provide training for their new butler team. With over 200 applicants within the hotel, 11 were selected and trained by the American Butler School.
  • As the Ritz-Carlton Orlando anticipated the arrival of a Royal Family….they contacted the American Butler School for advice and guidance on protocol and service requirements both within the Royal Suite and within the hotel surrounds.

We are the experts that service experts call upon for advice and training. In a nutshell, we train the experts.

“Debi Pappas and her team conducted a fascinating and engaging seminar for our new butler staff.  We especially enjoyed the idiosyncrasies within the Art of Invisibility and found it to be very interesting. I would highly recommend The American Butlers School and White Glove Services for your educational needs on the art and science of being a Butler.”   
David P. Kasprazak, VIP Services Manager, Waldorf Astoria Orlando

May 4 – 30, 2014 Class Summary

  • A program designed by Estate Managers to guide you in developing power, influence, technique and leading edge technology in only 4 weeks.  We accomplish this with classes 6 days per week, 6 – 9 hours per day, with 2 – 3 hours of evening assignments and assessment.    If you think this is a vacation, you need to think again. 
  • This class is designed for those with prior experience in resorts, cruises, yachts or in private service as a Nanny or PA. 
  • Our primary emphasis is teaching you to think like an Estate Manager with powerful techniques to quickly identify both your client’s personality type and management style…so you can identify & adapt as needed;  strategize and implement.
  • Sommelier, Mis En Place, Effective Communication, are some of the certificates you will receive at the conclusion of the month. There are 9 in total.
  • Estate Manager will be offered for the first time as part of the Butler class.  Those who wish to dedicate extra time and energy can receive both their Butler and Estate Manager certifications during the 4 weeks at no additional tuition.  This is being offered due to the demand for this level of Manager.


What is a Butler?
Butlers provide for the daily care and comfort of their principals and guests.

In a resort setting this means caring for fine clothing, preparing the suite to exacting standards, arranging for special events that may include private dinners within the suite; a helicopter/pilot and picnic for a beach trip; or a Ferrari for an evening ride…the possibilities of what you may accomplish daily are endless for a resort butler. Overall your role is to serve as an interim butler while they are at play in a resort and to ensure both exquisite care and service at all times without intruding. You must cultivate the Art of Invisibility.

For butlers in private services you manage the personal side of their lives and their business ventures. This includes not only caring for fine homes and the valuables inside but also the families who live within these homes. From planning a birthday party for ten toddlers to arranging events for hundreds, you must navigate the daily ebb and flow of the home working closely with the business professional assistance (PA). In a nutshell, you are the PA for the home.


How does one become a Butler?
Some enter the industry by accident while many receive training at resorts. While these are all of benefit we feel that specialized training is the best method to help you prepare for the unique needs of private service.

At the American Butler School we help you learn how to adapt to the ebb and flow of each home and family, we help you create skills to master the adaptation of yourself and your services to meet each family’s needs, and teach you how to care for quality materials and fine furnishings. We also provide the tools you will need for managing the estate’s resources & needs. While we cannot cover everything you will need to know, we provide the tools, skills, and hands-on experience needed to equip you for an exciting career that encompasses resource (time, money and staff) management, special event planning, food and beverage service, home management and most importantly: Effective VIP Communication.


American Butler School Staff
Our instructors are well trained and vastly experienced in their respective areas. Many possessing undergraduate degrees in such areas as Accounting, Engineering, Finance, Economics, Psychology and Management, while other have received special training in culinary arts, fine art and antique appreciation. At the American Butler School each instructor was chosen for their breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience as a Private Service Butler or Estate Manager with their expertise gained while serving on luxury yachts, or within large homes or vacation compounds. With decades of experience between them, the depth of their knowledge, combined with ample course work/materials, serves to provide our students with a strong foundation to meet the demands of a challenging career as a Butler or Estate Manager.


Course Offerings
The American Butlers School offers comprehensive training programs for individuals who wish to enhance their skills in private service or those that wish to enter the field for the first time. Classes are taught at the Britt Mansion in Winter Garden, Florida for individuals or onsite for resort training. These levels are available for enrollment based on certain prerequisites that are outlined within the Course Catalog:

  • UnderButler (aka Butler Boot Camp)
  • Butler, and
  • Estate Manager
  • Resort Butler

Put simply, we are the experts the experts call upon for advice and training. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your training needs. Please complete the “Contact Us” form to gain more information or if you wish to receive a course catalog. Below is a brief description of our courses.

  • UnderButler: basic skills for those who are new to private service or new to the service industry including housekeeping, food and beverage service and knowledge, working with a chef, vendor management, pet care, home management, introductory skills in budgeting and cash flow, special event planning, valeting (wardrobe care) and effective VIP communication
  • Butler: intermediate training in resource management, special event execution, contract negotiation, social and business protocols, social correspondence, working with the PA, advanced food and beverage service, introduction to the appreciation of fine food/wine/liquors/cigars, advanced valeting, and advanced VIP communication
  • Estate Manager: advanced training in management, budgeting, cash flow, human resources management, international protocol, travel planning and execution, fine art and antiques, bespoke clothing, collectibles, asset management, and working with service professionals: decorators, builders, tax, and legal advisors
  • Resort Butler: advanced VIP communication, international protocol, royal standards and expectations, travel valeting (packing/unpacking), private food and beverage service, special event coordination, emergency clothing repair, shoe care, working with private staff, and the Art of Invisibility

Please complete the Contact Us form on this website to gain more information or email us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it







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