Restaurants & Resorts

From initial greeting to after dinner coffee service, elegant dining demands elegant service. Even if the food is perfection and the ambiance superb, a discriminating diner will be disappointed if the service is poorly executed.

Our Butlers have mastered the fine art of exquisite, yet efficient, table service. Let us design a Private Service Training program for your front of the house staff. Topics we frequently address are listed below:

  • Effective methods for greeting high-net worth guests.
  • How do you anticipate a guests needs? What non-verbal clues do they offer you?
  • When is it necessary to break the silent service rule?
  • How do you avoid interrupting a conversation yet take the order timely?
  • Upselling effectively while maintaining the ambience.

The American Butler School offers on-site training courses for both stand-alone restaurants and franchised properties, as well as hotel and resort dining facilities to equip their staff to deliver service levels that exceed guest expectations.  As every property is individual, we work closely with management both prior to and throughout the program to deliver tailored, quality training which will ensure the highest standards of service for your guests.

Well-seasoned in the tourism and hospitality fields, our instructors understand the demands placed upon servers. As a result we provide training that elevates and enhances skills already mastered and provide training on the areas unique to private service.




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