Private Service Training

Our Method

Teaching and / or reinforcing the proper mindset and attitude of the professional service persona is the focus of our training, coupled with practical and hands-on skills and management training. It is a truism that in order to do something effectively and with conviction, one has to be fully able to be in the role that one is playing. Our trainers are seasoned professionals from numerous walks of life whose businesses have focused on affluent clients and high net worth individuals. Many of them have served in the very roles of those they train. These professionals may be Estate Managers, Professional Executive Assistants, Financial Accountants & Private Banking Professionals, Pool, Fountain and Landscape Designers, Operational Executives and Protocol Instructors.

This aspect of our training and has proven the most valuable and popular with clients, students and, ultimately, employers and guests.

The hands-on and practical aspect of our training focuses on providing the skills needed and reviewing, refining and practicing the skills and standard operating procedures (SOP’s) that are required of the job and location with the instructor providing on-the-spot quality control.

  • Private Home Curriculum
    Each residence and owner is unique and so our training in the private home is organized and presented after close consultation and planning with the employer. Typically our training focus is on the art of fine professional service.
  • Protocols and best procedures involved in the specific staff position involved.
  • Focus on areas of employer / staff interest that have been identified prior to training such as table setting and table service, housekeeping standards and procedures, laundry and ironing, staff organization, household service systems and other requested subjects.
  • Flexible real time and on site consultation with employers and staff to follow-up on various areas of interest that would benefit for the trainers expertise and the opportunity that a training session provides to resolve issues and enhance the homes service delivery systems.
  • Hotel, Resort, Spa, Airline, Restaurant and Private Villa Butler Curriculum

Close consultation with the facility owner results in a highly customized program that meets the needs of discerning guests and principals. Classes range from Private Service Attention for Dining Guests to Providing Daily Care and Comfort of Your Villa Guest.

Training Curriculum Offerings
Below is a general listing of training options that covers the depth and breadth of the instruction, which upon discussion with the client is refined in advance, into a focused program for the individual property. This does not represent all training classes but should serve as a guide to open conversations.

  1. What is a butler: heritage, rationale, different types of butler, behavior, philosophy, and ethics
  2. Communication skills for the butler
  3. Providing daily care and comfort of guests
  4. Dealing with difficult guests and situations smoothly
  5. Properly dealing with demanding or overbearing guests
  6. Telephone and door protocol
  7. Making arriving and departing guests feel pampered
  8. Establishing the administration and communication channels to service guests efficiently
  9. Pre-arrival interviewing of guests for their needs and wants
  10. Building the Butler’s book
  11. Stocking the Butler’s pantry
  12. Butlers day in life/schedule/flow chart
  13. Adapting existing SOPs or making new SOPs for all butler’s duties
  14. Being an ideal employee
  15. Building the butler team, responsibility and ethics
  16. Managing vendors and service providers
  17. Planning the workday efficiently
  18. The morning wake up service for your principal or guests
  19. Proper service at table, including butler service and synchronized service
  20. How to provide a full and formal English tea
  21. Orchestrating other events, such as picnics, BBQs, etc.
  22. Valeting for guests, including packing/unpacking of suitcases; storage and lay-out of clothing; basic cleaning, mending and ironing
  23. Care and service of fine wines and cigars
  24. Food handling safety and storage
  25. Security, safety and hygiene
  26. Tools of the trade
  27. Working with housekeeping
  28. Daily amenities and turndown service
  29. Dealing with whatever issues the trainees bring up about the difficulties or disagreements they have with their current work
  30. Trainee familiarization with the specials features and services of their hotel so they can promote them
  31. Building rapport with their guests, contacting them to return
  32. Listing out all contact points in the hotel and any vendors, and introducing the butlers to them to establish lines, procedures, needs and wants for all concerned

It would be our pleasure to create a new course to fit the needs of your home or your organization. Please feel free to contact our chief butler, Debi Einmo at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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