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Our business standard is to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity at all times and in all manner of business and personal relationships and activities. We strive to maintain fairness to both sides of the placement process and endeavor to find the perfect blend of personality and talent for the client, and challenge and reward for the candidate for any position we place. These positions include household staff such as domestic estate managers, butlers, household managers, personal assistants, executive housekeepers, management couples, private chefs, executive protection specialists, nanny managers, property caretakers, lifestyle assistants and more.

Placement Philosophy

  • Clients – For current and past clients our philosophy is to invest the time required to fully understand your needs. From visiting your home and chatting briefly with you and/or your family, to placing an interim butler onsite for a few weeks to initiate the processes, we strive to ascertain both the talents desired and the personality required to compliment your family’s unique lifestyle.
  • Candidates - For our candidates we invest sufficient time to understand your skills, your preferences and your unique experiences. We know that sometimes simply a change of scenery and focus can be enough to return excitement to an already well-established and seasoned career. For our younger candidates we strive to reward your successes with increased responsibilities and new challenges that will help to develop and expand your array of talent, education and skills.


Referrals & Recommendations

  • Clients - The best business model for a placement firm is a series of referrals from employers who have found great staff with our assistance, benefited from our unbiased advice and/or are pleased with our training seminars and follow-up. We are fortunate to receive most of our placement requests from former clients or their referrals and recommendations.
  • Candidates - Excellent candidates often find us by referrals from other professionals who have been placed into one of our positions who had a good experience with us. Others are referred from professional associations formed over the years of serving corporate executives.


Conveyance of Position Openings

  • Open Position Listing - Candidates may visit our Open Position listings as desired and may submit their resume or CV through our website. However, many of our job opportunities are communicated directly to candidates in our database or through our search channels.
  • Closed Position Listing - Not all jobs are posted on our website due to the public nature of a position or the limitations of the position. Additionally we may have prescreened candidates in our data base that we feel provide the personality and talents desired. If the appropriate candidate is interested and available for consideration, his or her profile is sent on to the client who ultimately decides who will be interviewed.


Our Methods

  • Understanding the Needs & Preferences of the Client
    • Job Description Creation - A careful understanding of the employer’s needs is the first step in finding a suitable candidate. While a personal interview is ideal, most employers opt for a telephone discussion of their situation and expectations. This generates a job description and candidate profile for the employer’s approval.
    • Temperament Analysis - Many things cannot be put to paper, this includes our “feel” for the client family’s temperament, personality, lifestyle choices and demeanor. While we utilize the Job Description as a starting point, we know that chemistry is often the deciding factor in finding the most suitable candidate. While we do not provide this analysis to anyone outside of our company, we will convey generalities to candidates who are in the consideration. bigstock_Real-estate-agent_shaking_hand_17011289
    • Search Process – The Job Description is then be used to search for candidates that may fit both the Job Description and the Temperament Analysis. This includes reviewing candidates currently existing in our database, those we discover in our search processes and those we know in other positions who may be ready for a change of scenery and/or focus.
  • Qualifying the Candidates
    • Screenings - Our candidate’s backgrounds are reviewed and when possibilities are encountered, we interview each candidate to better understand their background and their expectations in a new position. As needed we may assist in updating their resume to better highlight experiences that may be of special interest to the clients.
    • Professional Presentation - A professional resume or CV that honestly conveys the candidate’s personality, talents and experiences is paramount. We review candidate resumes and supporting documents and make helpful suggestions.
    • Verification of Information - All candidates are advised that a professional background check will be part of the pre-hire process. In the interim, all candidates respond to our due diligence questionnaires and interviews, in which we ask them to reveal any issues (legal, driving and credit), that will surface during the investigation.
    • References – Principals are difficult to reach but we are usually successful at finding a method to become comfortable with a candidates background and prior work history. We also seek personal references that may include instructors, colleagues, supervisors
  • Background Investigations
    • For candidates already prescreened and in our database, the background has been previously investigated. For these candidates an update is gained after the interview with the client is conducted.
    • For new candidates, an investigation must occur prior to the scheduling of a client interview. White Glove Services employs the services of a professional background investigative firm that conducts an independent investigation including international (Interpol), local and federal sources. Results are generally available within 3 – 5 business days. Candidates must complete the background authorization form which provides a website where they may request a copy of the reports provided.
  • Presenting the Candidates
    • Our processes involve a great deal of analysis. We use both empirical and intuitive methods to determine when a match is appropriate.
    • With our search focusing on matching the personality and lifestyle of the family, we normally find the one candidate that is the best fit for a client and, therefore, recommend only one candidate.
    • At times we have offered one or two alternates in order for the client to have a reasonable selection and involvement in the search process.
  • Agreements for Placement Services
    • Search Agreement s - Prior to performing a search process, each client must execute the Agreement for Placement Services agreement. This document outlines the process, timeline and fees associated with the placement process.
      • Retained Search - Many of our searches are created for the express purpose of finding the single candidate who will fill the needs of the client. Paid exclusively by the client, for a search of this nature White Glove Services charges a pre-determined fee that varies directly with the salary of the position.
      • Staff Butler Placement - Prior to performing a search process, each client must execute the Agreement for Placement Services agreement. This document outlines the processes
    • Employment Agreement – This agreement summarizes the terms and conditions of employment and includes salary and salary frequency, vacations and days off, responsibilities and limitations of authority, reporting hierarchy, living arrangement (when applicable), travel reimbursements (when applicable), visa requirements (when applicable) and other pertinent information to protect both the client and the candidate.


Continual Support

Even after the hire or training, we are available to both client and candidate for analysis and advice on how to handle situations, unusual circumstances and offer advice as needed. We assist the new professional with creation of house records, preferred vendor listings, budgets and operational manuals as needed. We also offer Interim Butlers and Interim Estate Managers to cover vacations, Cleaning Teams for regular cleaning, and Butlers, Bartenders and Servers for special events.

Should you have any detailed questions, please feel free to email our President and Chief Butler at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Open Positions

Click here for more information on the following positions:

Position 1107-FL - Butler/Personal Chef/Part-time PA
Summary – Busy position for a young couple with three daughters, managing household, vendors, business, social and planning the evening family meal. Prefer female, but open to qualified males. Prefer certified Butler or House Manager with formal training. Home is “informal” but with formality during special events.

Position 1122-FL -
Butler/House Manager
Summary – Refined couple seek maturity, experience and a calming influence for their busy lifestyle. Much international travel with the Butler frequently traveling ahead to secure arrangements. Valeting, special event planning, vendor management and travel will occupy most of the Butler’s time.

Position 1066-FL –
Estate Manager
Summary – Multinational couple seek energetic, discipline Estate Manager to oversee main residence plus several vacation homes. Each home is fully staffed but improvements in service levels are desired. Renovations are possible later in the year at two of the residences. Prefer certified Butler/Estate Manager, MBA, heavy financial, management and contract analysis work in this position.




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