The a-a-a-h-h-h Moment

That first deep inhalation....after your home is properly cleaned. No perfumes or cover-ups just "clean". It is feeling of reward and satisfaction...It is the White Glove difference.


Your choice

Q Orlando is home to over 100 cleaning companies. Why should you choose us?

A:  To some companies, cleaning is simply cleaning. To us cleaning is the foundation of a well maintained home...but not just a home...your sanctuary. A place for you to relax, unwind and enjoy your life with family and close friends. We get it.


Q: Why do our clients love us?

A: With a 99% client retention record since our founding in 2010, we know our clients are thrilled to trust their homes to us.

  • We utilize only quality equipment and quality cleaning products that are sanitized every day

  • We clean the way you would clean if your mother in law were coming to visit

  • While those are great reasons that our clients are happy...the greatest reason is that we have a tremendous attention to detail. We stick with it until we feel your home meets our standards.


Click here to view our cleaning packages.

Call today for your complimentary in-home estimate. We will tailor a package to meet your needs and will try to meet your budget. Our clients tell us we cost a little more than other services, but they feel we are well worth it. 407.347.3491 . You may also complete the request form on our Contact Us page.


          Recent Testimonials

"Great team-work on an unusual event. We'll definitely call upon you for future events." Deb Melnick, Orlando Event Solutionsbutlers_rightquote
"We were both impressed and very pleased. Thank you for a job well done."  Courtney Waller, Property Manager, The Continental Groupbutlers_rightquote
"When we mentioned that we would be having new stone put on our patio deck over a 2 week period, the butlers offered to stop by to "freshen" the home for us a 2nd time each of those two weeks. They refused payment and said it was simply their pleasure to help us. We were so happy with the results we now have them come in twice a week on a regular basis. We couldn't be any happier." Stan Hildebrand, Windermerebutlers_rightquote
"Last summer we moved furniture around and was appalled at what we found underneath, so we called the Butlers. On Thanksgiving we moved stuff again but this time no buildup! With other maid services I had to tell them precisely what to do. With the butlers I just tell them how I want it to look. They are fantastic!" Deborah, Deer Islebutlers_rightquote
"I love the uniforms...white shirts, ties and vest-aprons.... It makes me feel special to have them show up at my door, smiling, ready to work each week." Julia, Stoneybrookbutlers_rightquote
"My flooring is mostly tile and I have 2 dogs so the floors were pretty important to me. When they finished, the tile was amazing. In fact, every time they clean my home it actually sparkles! I am extremely happy with the results." Pam Jarvis, Windermerebutlers_rightquote



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